The WebAR Code Creator

Our free-to-use online creator enables quick and easy creation & deployment of WebAR activation codes to use on your next augmented reality project.

Create a QR Code for Web AR

How does it work?

The only dedicated WebAR code creator tool available free-to-use.

Simple setup.

Enter the destination URL of your AR project, tap 'create' and whoosh! You're good to go.

Creation in seconds.

Tap create to watch your WebAR code appear before you. You can download the image file and begin using immediately.

High performance.

Our WebAR codes are always produced in black to provide the highest contrast and subsequently, the most reliable scanning performance.

Tips & Tricks

Some helpful tips to make sure you're on the right track.

Extra Information

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3D analytics tools such as Metalitix are compatible across a wide range of platforms, including WebAR, Decentraland analytics, Unreal Engine and more.

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The WebAR Code Creator